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Like all recreational Scuba divers you have probably wondered about trying some out of town site but were unfamiliar with the area. You had probably heard about the Niagara River, but you wondered:

  • Does anyone actually dive there?

  • What are the best dives?

  • How can I get reliable information on what to expect?

  • What makes the Niagara so unique that I would want to chose it over all the other dive sites I could go to?


"Niagara Underwater Adventures" answers those questions.


We share with you our favorite local dives with precise directions on where to enter the water, the duration of the dive, and the exit points.

We give a brief Historical background to enlighten you on why diving the Niagara provides so many possibilities of unique fish spotting, or of finding a treasure worth keeping.

We provide exact G.P.S. coordinates to ensure that you can find the dive site.

Throughout the book we have included photographs, taken by local divers, of items recovered from the river.

Every dive should be an adventure. There should be a feeling of anticipation on entering the water. A feeling that "this is going to be great". Each of the dives we describe are great. We tell you where the locals go when they are seeking an adventure. Isn't that kind of information invaluable in planning your diving?


"Niagara Underwater Adventures" is available for download free of charge. Download here (pleasse consider a $2 donation)

Chapters include:

        Upper Niagara River

        Historical Background

        FEURU Club

        Shore Dives(6)

        Boat Dives(2)

Each dive described tells you where to enter the water, duration of the dive, and the exit site. We include over 40 photos of objects recovered during these dives, and give experienced advice on how to find  prized artifacts.

If you have ever thought about diving the upper Niagara river, or are the least bit curious about scuba activities in this cold water environment, this is the book to read.